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Rule Changes Passed!

There are some changes afoot for the radio control aerobatics classes and events in New Zealand! We flew to these new rules at our latest competition, and everything worked really well! Our rule change remit passed the electronic vote, so now we will fly to these new rules starting officially at (and including) the upcoming Matamata Nationals, and also unofficially from now (contest directors discretion)!

So…. Have a read of all the new rules which are available for download here: http://www.nzrcaa.co.nz/downloads/ scroll down to ‘pattern stuff’.

Here is a summary of the main changes:

  • Sportsman Pattern renamed Clubman Pattern, Advanced Pattern renamed Masters Pattern – to avoid confusion with IMAC using the same class names.
  • Introduce a new pattern class Expert between Clubman and Masters – this proved to be really popular at the last competition, and is a really nice sequence for those done with Clubman, but not yet ready for Masters.
  • Introduce a new event ‘Classic Pattern’ – for anyone with an old school pattern model, or use any design and blast around the sky!
  • Some small changes to allow a bigger variety of models in Clubman.
  • Normalising changed to match the new FAI method of normalisation.
  • Changes to the calculation of NZ National Aerobatics Champion.