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For the current IMAC (Scale Aerobatics) sequences, and a ton of IMAC related info on Judging and flying IMAC, click here to visit the International IMAC website. New sequences come into effect on the 1st of January every year.

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NZ Rules

There are four pattern classes flown in NZ. Clubman is for those starting out (a 40 size low wing model is ideal) – this is flown to a local set of New Zealand rules. Then you can progress to Expert, and finally Masters and F3A which are flown to an international set of rules. The Clubman schedule is not difficult, but is a challenge to fly well. Come and have a go!


Clubman Pilots Please Note !!!

The Rectangular Circuit was reinstated into the Clubman Sequence at the 2020 AGM following a remit. However these changes have not been promulgated into the Clubman Rules Download, as we are in the process of reviewing the entire Clubman schedule.

Here is what you need to know….

Following the 3 Turn Spin, fly upwind. Do a turnaround maneuver of your choice. Now you get a “free pass” downwind. Once you are downwind, perform another turn around. Now flying into wind, parallel with the flightline, the rectangular circuit commences as you fly past the centre marker. Fly upwind. Perform a 90 degree turn away from the flightline. Fly straight and level. Perform another 90 degree turn. Now flying downwind, parallel with the flightline, straight and level, flying past the centre marker. Perform another 90 degree turn, towards the flightline. Straight and level. Perform a final 90 degree turn, lined up with the runway, and begin decent for landing. Looking from overhead you should fly a rectangle shape, centered over the runway. The rectangular circuit is complete, and the landing begins when the model reaches a height of 2m. There is no need to call that the landing is commencing at this point. 

Downgrades – Turns not 90 degrees. Circuit shape not rectangular, or not centered. Changes in height (except of course for the final descent). Note that if the landing is not performed after the rectangular circuit (eg you bail out and decide to go around again), the rectangle will be scored, but the landing will receive a zero.

The rectangular circuit was reinstated to get pilots into a good habit of performing a proper approach prior to landing. We were seeing some really dodgey approaches !!!! For further info please get in touch with the Committee.


Masters and F3A

Masters and F3A Rules – please see Sporting Code, Section 4: Aeromodelling, F3 Aerobatics (note: NZ masters pattern is flown to the FAI Advanced rules).

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AGM Documents

2020 NZRCAA AGM Minutes

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