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For the current IMAC (Scale Aerobatics) sequences, and a ton of IMAC related info on Judging and flying IMAC, click here to visit the International IMAC website. New sequences come into effect on the 1st of January every year.

2022 IMAC Series Results


Pattern Stuff

NZ Rules

There are four pattern classes flown in NZ. Clubman is for those starting out (a 40 size low wing model is ideal) – this is flown to a local set of New Zealand rules. Then you can progress to Expert, and finally Masters and F3A which are flown to an international set of rules. The Clubman schedule is not difficult, but is a challenge to fly well. Come and have a go!


Proposed Clubman 2022 v 2.0

Changes to Clubman !!

In 2022 the Committee are working on a new sequence to make Clubman more accessible to club pilots that are capable of doing loops and rolls. We are dropping the tricky double stall turn, removing the scary outside loop, and toasting the 3 turn spin. 

The schedule is designed in a way that we hope you can come and have a go, even having done zero practice, and still safely get through the sequence. A sport model, a foamy, even high wing trainer will be able to get through this schedule now.

Plus to try an entice you to have a go, we are doing another challenge. Loop Roll and .. Win a Chocolate Fish !! That’s right, we really want club guys to give it a go. So we are handing out chocolate fish now. Yummy !!

Please note – This new sequence is in draft mode. We want to see club guys attempt it, and see how it goes. We might need to tweak it some more. Once its sorted, the changes will go through the rule change process, and the new sequence will be officially adopted.

If you are a newbie, it’s still worth reading the Clubman Guide using the link above, even though the sequence is slightly different. Lots of handy tips in there.


Masters and F3A

Masters and F3A Rules – please see Sporting Code, Section 4: Aeromodelling, F3 Aerobatics (note: NZ masters pattern is flown to the FAI Advanced rules).

Classic Stuff

Classic Pattern Rules 2022 Proposed V2.0

AGM Documents

2020 NZRCAA AGM Minutes

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