All the classics and their models


This was the first ever “Classic Only” event in NZ, and what a day we had at Waharoa !!


Middle of June, it could have been rubbish weather, but it was a stunning day with no wind and blue skies. Perfect.


We had 10 pilots, all with Classic models, ready for action. Now, how to split these guys up so we could judge for each other ? We had a few guys that opted to fly Clubman. Easy. Now the rest ? Ok hands up who owns a rental property, an RV, or a pair of Crocs ? Right you guys are the Boomers Division !!! And the other class we will call the seniors. That was easy. Now we can judge each other and get on with the flying.


We had a few interruption’s from various other forms of aeronautical activity happening at the airfield, Waharoa can be busy on a nice day.


Clubman had a high rate of attrition, with 2 out of the 3 guys having technical issues and unable to fly.

The ready box area was awash with glo drivers, electric starters, pit boxes, fuel bottles …. and random calls of, “has any one got an OS No. 8 plug  ?”


Since the event, we now have another 2 Nautomatic scoring units, so it will be two flight lines next time !!


The day was a huge success, and classic is starting to gain some momentum. Lots of guys have been working on new projects through the winter. There will be a Classic day in the Hawkes Bay in late November, check the calendar for the exact date.


End of the day, we were able to prize draw a Hangar One Curare kitset. Every event you flew in since October last year counted as another ticket. Big thumbs up to young Ricky Maitland who’s job it was to go through all the events over the past summer, and write out all the ticket names. Well done that man.  And the winner ? …. Cormac Galloway of Norsewood !!! His Grandad is going to be busy that’s for sure. Hopefully one day we will see Cormac flying that thing. 


Now if you are reading this, looking at the photos and thinking … hmmm, I used to fly a model like that, and it was a lot of fun. Well then start looking for an airframe, or get building. Join us at the next Classic comp and have a go. It’s all centre maneuvers, loops and rolls.  The classic schedule and rules can be found on the download page. Models must be pre 1984 to qualify as a classic. If the Classic sequence is a little out of your depth, then practice the slightly easier Clubman sequence with your classic model. I expect we will always run Clubman, when we hold a Classic event. 


See you at the next Classic Day !!




Classic – Seniors

Total Flight no 1 Flight no 2 Flight no 3
Net Norm Net Norm Net Norm
1 BRIGGS Frazer (Bogan) (911) 2000.00 252.25 1000.00 237.50 1000.00 267.25 1000.00
2 MAITLAND Aaron (923) 1690.69 211.50 838.46 200.25 843.16 226.50 847.53
3 MOLLOY Jayden (932) 1655.60 183.25 726.47 187.25 788.43 231.75 867.17