F3A Zone Pro (.f3a) Box Files

Why share box files?

  • Other pilots may be interested where you fly
  • Gives a database of pattern friendly flying sites
  • Useful for CD’s to publicise their competition site and box layout prior to a competition

How do I create a box file to share?

You will need F3A Zone Pro on your iPhone (the Android version currently does not support creating box files, but you can view them). Follow the instructions on F3A Zone Pro to create a box, and save it. After the box is saved, email me your box file, and I will add it here.

How do I view a box shared here on my phone?

iPhone users will need to download F3A Zone Pro from the app store. Android users need F3A Zone Pro Reader from the google play store.

On your PC, download the .zip box file from this page. Unzip the box file (.f3a), and email it to yourself. On your phone, go to the email with the box file, click on the attachment (EmailedBox.f3a) and select F3A Zone Pro as the app to open the file with. That’s it!

Shared Boxes

New Zealand:

Christchurch Model Aero Club, Christchurch, New Zealand