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For the current IMAC (Scale Aerobatics) sequences, and a ton of IMAC related info on Judging and flying IMAC, click here to visit the International IMAC website.

2017 NI IMAC Series Results

Here are some other handy documents and links:

Aresti Made Simple

Aresti Dictionary

IMAC ScoreSheet







Pattern Stuff

NZ Rules

There are three pattern classes flown in NZ. Sportsman is for those starting out (a 40 size low wing model is ideal) – this is flown to a local set of New Zealand rules. Then you can progress to advanced and F3A which are flown to an international set of rules. The sportsman schedule is not difficult, but is a challenge to fly well. Come and have a go!

NZ Pattern Rules v1.7 (September 2017) – a general overview

NZ Sportsman Rules (v1.1) – have a look here if you are starting out….

Advanced and F3A Rules – please see Sporting Code, Section 4, F3 Aerobatics

Generic Pattern Score Sheets

Click here to download a generic score sheet to use for any class


 Official Stuff

Next AGM: At the 2017/2018 Carterton Nationals – date to be announced


2017 NZRCAA Annual General Meeting – Matamata

2017 NZRCAA AGM Minutes

2017 NZRCAA AGM Secretary / Treasurer Report

2017 NZRCAA Chairman’s Report

For a copy of the Financial Statement, please contact our secretary.

2016 NZRCAA Annual General Meeting – Carterton

2016 NZRCAA AGM Minutes

2016 NZRCAA AGM Secretary / Treasurer Report

For a copy of the Financial Statement, please contact our secretary.

Previous AGM’s

2015 NZRCAA Presidents Report, 2015 NZRCAA AGM Minutes

2014 NZRCAA Presidents Report, 2014 NZRCAA AGM Minutes

2013 NZRCAA Presidents Report, 2013 NZRCAA AGM Minutes