Aerobatics & XMAS BBQ @ JR Airsail – 7th Dec 2019

An awesome day in the sun, with only a few minor passing showers to dampen it down, the XMAS BBQ and Aerobatics Day at the JR Airsail field in Pukekawa, just over the river from Mercer, was a success.

5 newbies lined up to have a go at Clubman, and as it was likely to get windy as the day went on, this was flown first up. After a few “intro to aerobatics” promo days in November, it was great to see these guys have been out practising the Clubman sequence.

Local flier Aaron Maitland, who has been waiting a long time to have some company in this class, flew his small Extra, and after managing to shake off some nerves flew it well and ended up in 2nd.

While his dad was off doing control line, Tawhai Webby also flew Clubman with his array of foam models, and is now nicknamed “Gears” after doing a whole flight with no elevator gears at all. Yep the thing would duck and dive up and down every now and again, and after the flight JD whipped off the canopy to have a look at what was going on, and the elevator servo had no sign of any gears left in it at all. How he managed that we aren’t  really too sure !! So “Gears” it is until something else worthy happens.

Arjen Visser from Highbrook had some bad luck the previous weekend, damaging his 50cc Extra when the wings decided staying attached to the fuselage was not where they ought to be. Not to be outdone, he jacked up a rental plane, one loan from his mate Greg, a 46 powered Pulse, which soon sported retracting U/C after a deadstick and downwind “arrival”. This had JD rubbing his hands together, a glue sale in the shop was imminent, possibly some ply !

Evan Pimm flew a couple of his classic models in Clubman. First few rounds with a 60 powered Matlas, and then later on what I would call a “mega” Taurus. Not sure if that is the correct name for it, but the wing on the thing was huge. It flew really well in the wind, very stable. Too stable though and it wouldn’t get into the 3 turn spin at the end.  

Another Junior, Dom Clarke from Tauranga was at his first competition, assisted by his Dad Kim. Dom was flying the “Loop Roll and Win” prize, a small 60 size electric pattern model called “Acuity” by AJ Models. This thing fly’s really well, and Dom did well in the wind across all 4 rounds to take the win ahead of Aaron, and Evan not far behind in 3rd.  

Masters A20 was flown by John Danks, Paul Stairmand and Paul Tomlinson, and what entertainment they provided for the Judges. The A20 sequence only came out a few months ago, and this was their first go at flying it, and calling it … well the scores improved a lot in round 2 once they sorted out the lefts from the rights, and the ups from the downs. Nothing worse than flying towards the edge of the box, asking your caller “whats next”, and after a long pause you just hear … “um, errr, ummm”.

All the Clubman fliers

John Knox and Bogan flew F3A, two rounds of the new P21 sequence, both flying Allures, John on electric, and Bogan with his YS185 carving up the sky. By now it was probably blowing 15 to 20 knots.

At the end of the day it was time to play “pass the transmitter” and Bogans classic model the 60 powered “Magic” was hooked up to a buddy lead so Tawhai and Dom could both have a go. “oh wow, this thing is Gangster” they both reckoned. Hillarious.

XMAS BBQ lunch was great, Burgers constructed at the hands of “gordon blurr” chef JD, and his lovely assistant Sharon, who also cranked out a batch of her famous scones with Jam and cream for morning tea, we are so lucky, thanks Sharon.

The “Foam Brothers” … these guys flew all day even when it was raining !!

Day ended off with a few cheeky beverages, as the wind calmed off to nothing.

Thanks to JR Airsail JD and Sharon the hosts, we look forward to doing it again, and congrats to the newbies who came out and gave it ago. See you next time, and bring ya mates !!

Here are the scores   


Rank Pilot Final Score Known
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
Seq 1 Seq 1 Seq 1 Seq 1
1 Dom Clarke 3,000.0 1,000.0 1,000.0
1,000.0 1,000.0
2 Aaron Maitland 2,801.3 778.7
923.1 971.0 907.3
3 Evan Pimm 2,626.9 659.8
931.6 917.0 778.2
4 Arjen Visser 2,353.7 430.3
709.4 825.7 818.5
5 Tawhai Webby 2,047.6 528.7
717.9 680.5 649.2

Masters A20

Rank Pilot Final Score Known
Round 1 Round 2
Seq 1 Seq 1
1 John Danks 1,919.8 1,000.0 919.8
2 Paul Stairmand 1,746.5 816.1 930.4
3 Paul Tomlinson 1,478.1 478.1 1,000.0

F3A P21

Rank Pilot Final Score Known
Round 1 Round 2
Seq 1 Seq 1
1 Frazer Briggs 2,000.0 1,000.0 1,000.0
2 John Knox 1,862.6 931.5 931.1