2019 Trans Tasman – Tin Can Bay – Queensland AUS

Breaking News !!!!

Kiwis win the Aerobatics Trans Tasman for the first time ever on Australian soil. History has been made.

7 kiwis, Frazer Briggs, Andrew Palmer, Hamish Galloway, Andrew Stiver, John Knox, Paul Tomlinson, Ewan Galloway and the team Captain Sean Galloway “Sprocket” have been competing in Queensland at the Tin Can Bay Model Aero Club. Over 6 rounds the kiwis came out on top for the team score. The TT has been going since 1967, and this is the first time an NZ team has travelled to Aus and won the cup.

Andrew Palmer took out the individual win, just 1 point ahead of Bogan !!

The overall winner was Derk from Netherlands, this coming weekend is the Australian Masters, so there are a few internationals here for it.

A few photos posted, and more news when we get back home to NZ.