Norsewood IMAC

Scores from the Norsewood IMAC comp this weekend. Just typed them in while soaking up a cheeky wee “South Ozzy Shiraz”.
Very close in Sportsman with all three pilots winning rounds. Mike Briggs just managed to edge out Kerry Nichols who benefited from some “Bogan’s school of trimming and adjustments” to his CARF 260 on Friday and Saturday. Ross Heald flying his PBG 260, which turns out is Adam Butler’s original model re painted, nipping at his heels though.

Jarrod Briggs nailed Intermediate, and is already working on his snaps and rollers for Advanced at the next comp. Ryan W Groves improved with every flight and if he can just figure out the difference between a negative snap, a positive snap, and a crazy “wrong rudder” tumble, he will be sorted.

Great to see someone flying Basic !! Jamie Lafrentz will be in Sportsman in no time ! He was flying a 50cc Goldwing SBach.

In Unlimited we only flew one round on the Sunday, Hamish Galloway’s youngest son took ill on Friday, and was heli’d to Palmey hospital, so we didn’t see much of Worms this weekend. The good news is that young Cormac is back home now and swinging from the chandeliers again !
Once again another great comp at the Galloway Farm, it really is a great place to fly. Well worth the drive, between me Grommet and Baldrick, I think we went though about 40 Litres of gas over the 3 days. I reckon Grommet burned 20 on his own !!

All the Sportsman guys earned a promo point, and the only other one was Jarrod.

Scores are below.



Norsewood 2015 Pits
Baldrick doing a freeze
Kerry’s Hundy 260
Young Shaun Galloway
The biker boys ! Flyn Groves, Shaun Galloway, Max Briggs

Jarrod Briggs aka “Grommet” giving the H9 QQ Yak 54 a full bore pop top !


Norsewood IMAC – April 2015

Contest Results

As of 20-Apr-2015 22:13


Rank Pilot Final Score Known
Round 1 Round 2
Seq 1 Seq 2 Seq 1 Seq 2
1 Jamie Lafrentz (SBach) 0.581 0.559
0.594 0.587 0.562


Final scores in Sportsman ranged from a low of 0.663 to a high of 0.707 (a range of 0.044)

Rank Pilot Final Score Known
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Seq 1 Seq 2 Seq 1 Seq 2 Seq 1 Seq 2
1 Mike Briggs “Baldrick” (PBG Extra 260 “Spruce Goose”) 0.707 0.636
0.704 0.651
0.699 0.718 0.707
2 Ross Heald (PBG Extra 260) 0.672 0.562
0.644 0.590
0.628 0.734 0.680
3 Kerry Nichols (CARF 2.6m Extra 260 “Kiwi Scheme”) 0.663 0.624
0.706 0.644 0.648 0.652 0.644


Final scores in Intermediate ranged from a low of 0.620 to a high of 0.763 (a range of 0.143)

Rank Pilot Final Score Known
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Seq 1 Seq 2 Seq 1 Seq 2 Seq 1 Seq 2
1 Jarrod Briggs “Grommet” (PBG Extra 260 “Spruce Goose”) 0.763 0.747 0.729 0.624
0.788 0.790
2 Ryan Groves (PBG Extra 260 “Huggy Special”) 0.620 0.367
0.520 0.628 0.665 0.668


Final scores in Unlimited ranged from a low of 0.577 to a high of 0.859 (a range of 0.282)

Rank Pilot Final Score Known
Round 1
Seq 1 Seq 2
1 Frazer Briggs “Bogan” (PBG Extra 300 v2) 0.859 0.875 0.843
2 Hamish Galloway “Worms” (Slick 360) 0.577 0.478 0.675

Note: Flights without a scale pilot and panel installed are assessed a penalty.
In this report, no pilots were assessed the missing pilot/panel penalty.

Report Parameters: Divisions=Basic,Sportsman,Intermediate,Unlimited; Knowns=Yes; Unknowns=No; Freestyle=No; Rounds=1-20

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