NZRCAA Classic Rule Change PASSED

Background: An international group of pilots interested in classic models have developed a set of rules able to be adopted by any country to use for classic competitions locally, and also future international classic competitions. Thanks to all these who voted – these rules have been adopted. Check them out on the downloads page.

Trans Tasman’s 2019

Kiwis win the Trans Tasman for the first time on Ozzy soil since it started in 1967.

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Welcome to the website of the New Zealand Radio Controlled Aerobatic Association. We are a Special Interest Group of Model Flying New Zealand and our role is to support and foster the growth of RC Aerobatics (both pattern – precision aerobatics, and IMAC – scale aerobatics) within New Zealand and on the international stage.  If you would like to find out more about how you can take part in this area of the hobby please read Starting Out.

As a group we will help anyone who shows an interest in aerobatics and feel free to show up to one of the comps listed on the right and say Hi. In the lower classes any plane will do as well as any flying ability is welcome. A .40 size model can win the basic classes. Come and give it a go.

If you would like to be placed on the North Island or South Island mailing lists please email Frazer: frazer@pbgsoftware.co.nz

While both pattern and IMAC involve flying aerobatics, the schedules and type of model required to fly at a top level are quite different. Pattern requires models of less than 2 meters wingspan and length, weighing less than 5kg. These typically do not look like full size aircraft, with the designs optimized over the years to perform the maneuvers required with great precision. IMAC on the other hand is best flown with a larger model, which must resemble a full size aerobatic aircraft – except for basic (the introductory class) where any model goes!